November 2015 as Family Involvement in Education Month

10-22-15 Board_2_hires

On October 22, 2015, the Board of Education’s, Chair, Dr. Billy Cannaday, presented a “Resolution of Recognition” to Commemorate November 2015 as Family Involvement in Education Month. Phil Harris, Coordinator for Family Engagement, Virginia PTA, Dana Yarbrough, Director, and Center for Family Involvement, Partnership for People with Disabilities at VUC and Tina Norris, Family Engagement Specialist, PEATC received the Resolution on behalf of the Family Involvement Network.

The Board often notes the critical role families play in the education of our youth. Whether through parents, step-parents, siblings, grandparents, adopted parents, or guardians, the support and active participation of families in our schools supports children’s success in school, and as they become productive citizens, contributing to our communities.

The Board of Education wholeheartedly supports the work of the Department, the Parent Education Advocacy Training Center, the Virginia PTA, and the Center for Family Involvement, the Family Involvement Network (FIN), and other partners to develop ideas for stimulating and sustaining parental involvement activities within all of the school divisions in the Commonwealth.


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