Fact Sheet Friday: What you need to know about BEFORE your Child’s IEP?

PEATC community!  This week we are featuring a Fact Sheet Friday.  PEATC has a wide variety of resources one of which is the trusty Fact Sheet.  This week the “What you need to know about BEFORE you Child’s IEP” fact sheet is highlighted below.  Click on the image for your FREE download.

What you need to know about BEFORE your Child’s IEP?

This is a very important meeting for you and your child. This is where you meet with educators and school administrators to discuss and decide on your child’s education plan for the school year, and determine how services will be provided. It can be a little intimidating for parents and for the child, but as you learn more about what services are available for students with disabilities, your child’s rights, and how to develop an effective plan, you will become more confident. We have some tips that will help!


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