Taking care of you

takecare of u

Summer is here!!!  Can you feel it?  Is the stress of the school year starting to fade?

We have heard it before, the age old advice, you must take care of yourself to be able to take care of others….

airplan cabinDoes anyone else distinctly hear the voice of an airline steward reviewing the safety pamphlet?

“If you are traveling with children, or are seated next to someone who needs assistance, place the mask on yourself first, then offer assistance.”


All joking aside, parents, guardians and caregivers of special needs children most definitely understand the necessity and importance of staying healthy and reducing stress levels. Whether it is daily living support, social/emotional support or educational advocacy for our children/dependents, “the buck stops here”, we are it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PEATC’s goal to train and educate parents on Virginia’s Public School Special Education process is designed to help reduce the stress families of special needs children face through out the year in dealing with the IEP/504, eligibility and dispute process.  Gaining knowledge and support to be your child’s best advocate and knowing there is a free resource, a simple phone call or email away with a person to answer questions or offer additional resources can help.

Many times it’s those resources that show up at just the right time that make a positive impact on a family’s life.  So today, we scoured and searched and dug up some great articles and sites that help you take care of you. Whether it’s stress reduction, resources to needed information or community, all of these can help us take care of our own well being. We are certain we have only scratched the surface, so don’t be shy and share in the comments your favorite “go-to” sites that you rely on to take care of you!

Check out these articles:

Let us know what you think and please share with the community some of your “go-to” online resources.  Tell us some of your favorite ways to make sure you take care of you.


Your friends at PEATC


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