The “Who, What & Why” of PEATC

Maybe you are new to  PEATC, (Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center), Virginia’s Parent Training and Information Center, or maybe you have been connected to us for quite some time now, regardless it is always good to start at the beginning of the story.  Our hope as we officially enter the blog culture is to give our readers a peek behind the scenes. We will take time to introduce the people who make our services possible, highlight those services and how you can use them in your journey through the Special  Education Services here in Virginia.

Before we go any further, here is a quick introduction!

“Who, What & Why” are the simple questions, that once answered, sets up the framework to understanding this intricate organization we like to refer to as PEATC [peet -C].  We all know pictures are worth a 1000’s words, so what better way to introduce ourselves.

peatc infographic big

If you have a minute, to introduce yourself we would love to connect with you!  You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and of course, our Website.


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